The Body Ecology Diet

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The Body Ecology Diet. Coconut oil is anti viral and anti bacterial. The Body Ecology Diet principally utilizes neutral foods such as green vegetables sea vegetables and alkaline grain-like seeds such as quinoa and millet and employs healthy food combining strategies that work with the complementary nature of opposite forces to balance the life force energy or Ki pronounced Chi in the body.

Pin On Body Ecology Diet Bed
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These are the magic behind the curtain they eat toxins give vitamins restore the immune system and remove heavy metals from the body. The Body Ecology Diet includes high quality fats such as raw butter and cream which are both rich in raw saturated fatty acids that nourish the brain and intestinal lining. Our gut health products feature probiotic-rich superfood shakes drinks healthy sugar substitutes alkalizing minerals digestive enzymes as well as liver parasite and pathogen cleansers.


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