Shrink Your Prostate Diet

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Shrink Your Prostate Diet. Avoid canned frozen and other packaged foods as much as possible and avoid adding salt to your food. Eating more fruits and vegetables may play a role in reducing the progression of BPH.

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A number of vegetables especially broccoli and other veggies that contain the phytonutrient DIM can help reduce prostate inflammation. Second is Healthy Fats for Prostate Protection such as Salmon containing Omega-3 fatty acids. After all the Prostate has to be Inflammed for it increases in size through swelling.

Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Omega-3s Prevents and Reduces inflammation within the body. Omega-3s Prevents and Reduces inflammation within the body. Isoflavones also help to reduce the prostate-specific antigen PSA levels in men which increase during prostate enlargement. Lycopene-containing food items Lycopene containing food items such as tomatoes pink grapefruits guava watermelons and papaya help to decrease the size of the prostate.